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Stephen Marquiss

Pianist ~ Speaker ~ Tutor

Founder, Piano Portals

"A fabulously engaging tutor with a light touch and enlightened approach to piano teaching"

Jackdaws Music Education Trust course participant

Founder, Piano Portals

Holistic, joyful piano technique

"Become the expert in your own coordination - this is absolutely on the nail."

Julian, Piano Portals customer

Official Trainer, Jolly Music

"Jolly Music empowers every child to develop the lifelong joys of tuneful singing and embodying rhythm"

Stephen Marquiss, Jolly Music trainer

The gold standard in primary class music,

created by Cyrilla Rowsell and David Vinden.

Accessible, inclusive scheme deliverable by all teachers.

Speaker and Course Tutor 

"Generous, playful and extremely engaging"

Playing by Ear with Stephen Marquiss at Jackdaws Music Education Trust

for face-to-face and online talks, workshops and courses

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