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Do you long to feel

  • more connected

  • less tense

  • fluent and expressive

as you play the piano?​

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Holistic substitute for Hanon

  • Is your go-to resource for technique serving you well?

  • Are you practising the coordination that will help you to play, fluently and expressively?

  • Enjoy an engaging daily practice for technique that works with your body and within musical flow

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Outside the box


  • Could received wisdom be letting you down?

  • Uncover elements of able players' techniques often neglected in pedagogy

  • Fresh choices for struggling pianists, born of a personal journey from frustration to facility

Works on different levels

  • Helps post-beginners play fluently and expressively

  • Helps intermediate players who are frustrated or blocked

  • Helps advanced pianists to refine technique and eliminate excess tension

For thinking piano teacher


  • Suspicious of mechanical exercises? Frustrated by slow progress?

  • Empower your students with fresh, transformational tools for technique

  • Refresh your own experience of playing or performing

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