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Piano Portals: The Art of Conscious Flow

Do you long to feel

  • more connected

  • less tense

  • fluent and expressive

as you play the piano?

Holistic substitute for Hanon


Piano Portals is a mindful daily practice and radical substitute for conventional exercises.

Ready to think outside the box?


Piano Portals highlights aspects of able players' techniques that've been all but neglected by orthodox pedagogy.

Works on many levels

  • Helps post-beginner pianists to play more fluently and expressively

  • Helps advanced pianists to refine technique and eliminate excess tension

  • Offers a fresh approach for avoiding or moving on from technique-related injury

For thinking piano teachers with a holistic outlook


Don't settle for slow progress - replace mechanical exercises with transformational fresh priorities!


  • an accessible, engaging approach to technique

  • a fresh approach to learning repertoire assuredly

  • a valuable aid to presence and concentration

  • beautiful music every step of the way