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Terms and conditions

  • Any in-person sessions are to be paid for at the session or in advance.

  • Bundles of in-person sessions are to be paid for at the first session of each block or in advance.

  • Payments for in-person sessions may be in cash, by cheque or bank transfer.

  • Please give 24 hours' notice of cancellation - otherwise a charge may be made.

  • All online sessions must be paid for in advance on receipt of a Paypal invoice.

  • Online sessions require a sufficient broadband connection and a webcam situated near the piano so that your hands and upper body are well-lit and clearly visible.

  • Please log in in plenty of time for an agreed session. No-shows at agreed times will not be reinbursed.

  • Please test your equipment in advance. Sessions interrupted by technical problems at the client's end may not be rescheduled and will not be reinbursed. Interruptions caused by technical problems (e. g. unavoidable loss of internet connection) at my end will result in rescheduling where appropriate.

Piano Portals Disclaimer

Piano Portals is a sincere attempt to offer pianists the best tools for cultivating efficient and expressive technique. Whilst I and my clients report countless moments of transformation, the approach cannot guarantee any particular outcome. Outcomes are determined by each individual's interpretation of the approach, accumulated playing habits, character traits, perceptions of playing, response to tuition, honesty and open-mindedness. Piano Portals is not a substitute for medical advice in respect of avoiding or treating playing-related injuries. Please consult your medical practitioner in the case of injury and before experimenting with new physical routines.

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